Over the past 3 years I have been using all the above nappy creams and some more on my twins and occasionally on my hands. Here is what I have learned and how I ended up with the above selection.

First of all the trick is not to overuse nappy creams. Only put them on when there is the need ie the bum is actually red. If you have to use them use them sparingly. Skin on babies is quite sensitive and the bum area is big in realtion to the whole body. This completely makes sense but I had to really hold myself back from smothering them on once I saw the slightest trace of red.

I use different creams for different reasons and I always find if you alternate them they seem to work better. Also depending on how sore it actually looks - sometimes it's nothing a little Bepanten can't fix.


Kaufmanns Haut und Kinder creme my midwife suggested. It's been around for ages. It's a clear cream one of the few which do not leave a white layer. It smells lovely but it contains perfume which I personally rather had it didn't. They are however all natural essentail oils. It's Vaselin based and has only a little amount of Zinc.


Penaten also has been around for ages and I do not use it on the kids bums but inside the nappy. When it's all too late and the bum is already red then putting a little Mirfulan on the skin and Penaten on the nappy makes a nice little barrier. Good combination for the night as the nappy has to stay on a long time and gets pretty soaked.


Mirfulan contains 10g Zink similar to all the other creams but also urea and I found this one worked really well.


Zinksalbe Lichteinstein also has 10g zink I think it's the name that puts people off. It's the whole zink debate. But most effective nappy creams have 10g Zink as the active ingredient.


Multilind has added Nystatin which is against fungal infections. This would be the one to use when it's not looking too good. A thin layer is already very effective so do use sparingly.


If your kid is very sensitive Avene is the one to go for. It has very few ingredients so less the skin can react to. I put it on my hands and it sometimes burns a little so maybe do a small patch test first.


Yes, everybody's favourit and also one of ours - great smell. Got no nasties but also uses a little Zink as one of the active ingedients.

Important is to always put nappy creams on dry skin, as the moisture gets trapped making matters worse.

Our midwife gave me a great tip - blow dry their bum before you put the cream on. Yes sounds funny but babies love it and it does get them dry quickly. Then put the cream on. This might apply more to parents living in cold countries and we had winter babies, but ours did love it.




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