What’s the best thing to get you in the mood for Christmas? An advent calendar of course! Here are our top five healthy advent calendars, mostly because they give you something other than sugar - but they will definitely give you those sweet moments you get when you receive a tiny gift every day. Stay tuned over the next few days for our slightly different Christmas gift ideas: for the family, for ladies, for men, for little kids and finally for those difficult teens. 

Book Advent

One of our favourite ideas for the little ones, and even for adults who love literature, is this advent calendar made of books. You mix up new reads with old favourites to keep it interesting. Encouraging imagination or educational it's a wonderful way to build up to Christmas and it also gives you all the material for a month of bed time reads with your kids. The only trouble is you have to wrap a lot of books. 


Little Stockings Calendar

These adorable little stockings are filled with things like stationery or small mind teasers, little handmade trinkets and healthy treats. Mix it up and give your kids something to get excited about everyday. 



Activity Calendar

We love this printable calendar from Babychino. Each day has a small activity for you to do with your loved ones. You can mix up the days according to what suits your calendar and by the end of it you'll have had a lovely month of shared Christmassy moments to remember. It's all ready to print for a last minute idea!



Mr Bingo's Naked Advent

As Mr Bingo says - F**k chocolate. This calendar has scratchable gold ink and a group of naked people slowly revealing themselves over the duration of a month. Each day you get the treat of removing a different humans clothes each day. What more could you want? Because you are never too old for an advent calendar. 



Mr Printables Advent Village

This is another one you can print at home. Thank you home printing. Mr Printables have created a mini pop up village - each house numbered with a day - and within each house you can hide a small gift or treat or activity. You can make decorations out of them, keep them in one place or make a hide and seek adventure for your kids with these adding an extra layer of fun. 

Have a magical run up to Christmas!



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