Happy Friday! Fun fact... It's only ten more Friday's till Christmas! Crazy - we know... Anyway, here are some super interesting finds from the last week. Have a wonderful weekend. 

Can being cold make you ill? Turns out it can...

Here are 6 very interesting things you need to know about your immune system.

Something for the kids to watch because bad teeth aren't pretty.

Would you eat food you dropped on the floor? This doctor would.

’Don’t flirt with the health professionals’ A gentleman’s guide to childbirth. 

Migraines could be caused by gut bacteria.

UNICEF have clinched a deal on vaccines to protect children from five diseases.

One thing we can agree on over here, despite the numerous health benefits from garlic, getting garlic breath sucks! This article explains why it's so hard to get rid of. 

We love this article about Ikaria, a Greek island where people seem to forget to die.

The roots of mental health may not be in our heads.




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