Happy New Year and the happiest of Fridays to you. We're back in full swing and have lots of interesting content to bring you which we're pretty excited about. If you missed it we've launched our #HealthHabits2017 challenge, which we're doing with the aim to bring more healthy habits into our lives as sometimes it can be hard to make things stick. This weeks has been to use stairs as much as possible. Next week we're looking at sleep. We'll post a weekly reviews on Mondays if you want to follow along, or even better yet join in with the challenge and let us know how it's going. Anyway, time for our Friday link pack, lots of interesting stuff! Have a lovely weekend. 

This time of year is known for ‘detoxing’… How about instead of eliminating food take a look at removing negative thoughts and toxic people from your life for an even better cleanse.

Hobbies? Remember when we used to have those?

We all know sugar isn’t the greatest thing for us. Well & Good have created a guide that offers advice on how to cut down.

On the subject of sugar too… Change4Life have launched a free app that allows people to scan the barcode of a product to see how much sugar it contains. Which should come in handy considering how much sugar kids are eating… 

These products by The Beauty Chef are down with our way of thinking - they work with your gut health, making your insides shine and that shows on the outside.

Finding it hard to sleep? This article offers some interesting ideas for simple ways to sleep better.

Ever feel like time is running away from you? Jedidiah Jenkins went on a journey with the aim to not wake up 80 years old and wonder where his life went. In this talk he discusses why time seems to move faster and offers ideas for how to live more fully.

‘New Year, New Me’, this time of year sales of self help books are probably rife. This book from a Harvard Professor takes a look at happiness and turns contemporary thinking on it’s head. We’re quite interested to have a read ourselves.

On the subject of self improvement this blog post has some practical advice on how to elevate areas of your life to the levels you want.

Sometimes you need a little help with life, right there and then. Or you feel like you need support but don’t have anyone to talk to. This article talks about how Reddit has become the internets therapist.

Our relationships with other people are the number one thing to boost our wellbeing but being alone has its merits too.

And just for fun London Grammar released a new song just after new year, with a beautiful new video. She has the most stunning voice. Definitely worth a watch.


Image by Lernert & Sander


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