A very happy Friday to you all! We hope you all celebrated International Women's Day this week and that you all have a fantastic weekend planned. It's been a busy one this week so we'll be making the most of sleep! 

TED talks are one of the best things on the internet. Here is a list of some brilliant ones.

A life-saving list of hack every parent should know.

So much effort goes into growing cashews! 

Do you have to remove your wisdom teeth - this article explores the options.

What happens when you give up music for a week? 

Here are some funny pregnancy announcements. 

These people have developed a non invasive way of detecting your alcohol levels through a patch. 

Gemma Correll makes us laugh. #TooTrue. 

Would you consider letting your children watch you give birth? 

Dr Seuss. What a genius. One of our favourite ever introverts. 

This is such a cool video. Having a photographic memory must be so crazy. We can’t wait to see where VR may take us in terms of creation. 

An interesting insight into how a junior doctor spends her week. 

Exploring how to tackle anxiety. 



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