Happy Friday! We're drawing to the end of May and it's starting to feel just a little bit more like Summer every day. We hope you have a lovely weekend and to kick it off we hope you enjoy our weekly dose of positive news. 

Happy memories can reduce your stress levels so start reminiscing.

Have you ever tried the 'no poo' method? 

Super interesting article on the healthy approaches to food taught the world over. 

This helpful chart also shows how much you have to exercise to burn off the calories from junk food.

The pharma industry is reportedly the best industry to be in for happy working mamas. 

Dear Gwyneth... a letter from a doctor.

Here's a rather heartwarming and funny video on 9 things you'll know if you're a doctor.

So many people have sleep problems, if you're one of them it may be worth hiring a sleep coach. 

Should it be time to rethink nutrition labelling on food?

Replace that wine with some water this weekend maybe, studies have found that one extra glass a day could lead to breast cancer. 

A Harvard study has suggested that chocolate might reduce your heart disease risk - music to my ears. 

Texas Children's Hospital have introduced a dog program to comfort their patients.

Here are the best foods to eat when you're feeling jet lagged - perfect to know for those impending summer holidays. 


Image by Gray Malin



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