Happy Friday! It's been a lovely week and hopefully we can look forward to an even lovelier weekend! Here's our weekly round up of happy healthy links. 

If you're looking for a relaxing way to spend your weekend, how about making a terrarium?

Want a feel good read? Here's what 3 women over 70 have learned over their times. 

Who wants an Arse Vase to raise money for charity? No more needs saying. 

Track your digestive system, this looks pretty cool!

A nap bar just opened in Spain! 

This pool float looks very inspired?

Do you believe any of these nutrition myths? 

The only travel themed Instagram you need to follow. You did not sleep there. 

If you're pregnant you may want to watch your sugar intake. 

The science of stomach bugs...

The secret to a long healthy life could be in your environment. 

It feels good to be creative so here's a magazine to kickstart some alternative thinking. 

This is the cutest video! 

Ever thought about kids and deodorant? Chances are one day you will. 

How to live more wisely around our phones.



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