Happy Friday wonderful readers of ours! We're back again with our round of great finds from the week. Have a brilliant weekend. 

A helpful tip - The breast cancer sign you might not know about. 

Geneticists have repaired a mutation in a human embryo in the US... The future is here. 

Here's 'Le Clitoris', a brilliant short film. 

Love it or hate it, Marmite can keep you healthy.

How different is a psychopath's brain?

Someone invented a wearable chair.

You smell with your body, not just your nose.

A super awesome look at how bringing in healthy habits into your life can change things for good.

Here's a review on an at home fermenting kit.

Scientists have gained some insight into allergies.

Here are surf tips to help reduce stress.

5 surprising things that might hurt your heart.

Here are some of the worlds strangest wellness treatments. 

Anyone else interested in a digital detox?

Waiting till your 30 to have a baby could lead to living longer!

It seems a revolution needs to happen in how women's health is perceived. 



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