Happy Friday folks! It's September and the weather is starting to show signs of shifting again. Where does the time go? Anyway, here's our link pack for your reading pleasure. 

Here's how to make some homemade essential oil from Lavender. 

A beautiful photo series capturing peoples emotions after kissing.

Pink had wise words for her daughter this week on body image. 

Here are the naked hikers of Europe.

6 wellness podcasts to add to your mix of things to listen to. 

Here's how to recover after a bad nights sleep. 

Coffee could help you live longer.

Animals are awesome, here's a bit on the healing power of cats. 

Are you a prosecco fan? You're not alone, but you might want to save it for special occasions. 

Is this the most optimistic time of year?

Lithium in tap water could be helping lower levels of dementia.

Sometimes breastfeeding is difficult and that needs to be spoken about. 

If you weren't popular as a kid you might have better mental health as an adult. 

Travelling on a plane? You might want to consider what you do with the air vent.

There's a new drug that lowers the risk of heart attack and cancer!

Ecstasy is being used in clinical trials to treat PTSD.




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