Happy Friday!!! It's been a very uplifting week for links so we hope you really enjoy the link pack this week. Have a lovely weekend!

Sex education is pretty important and this hilarious thread pretty much explains why. 

This lovely TED talk is an shows exactly why we should have faith in the human race. 

A mesmerising time-lapse from a cargo ship. 

How to know if an allergy test is legitimate. 

Here's a love letter to nurses who help new mama's after they've had their babies. 

Waking up with a headache? Here are some reasons why you might have one and the solutions. 

Bit grim, but here's what having your ear wax professionally removed looks like. 

In praise of lifelong friendships. 

This lady has realised true happiness is elusive so she's working on her health instead. That's something we can stand by. 

Things to know before having a mammogram. 

Check out this app where Stephen Fry will read you a bed time story. 

How your experiences as a kid permanently change your DNA.

Here are some things you can do in the mornings that will make your day better.

How journaling can help you stop worrying. 

The power of the placebo effect!

This old dancing couple is total life goals. 




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