Happy Friday! It's been a great week, here are our favourite links from the web! Enjoy and have a brilliant weekend! 

This is why you're not supposed to drink alcohol while taking antibiotics. 

Here are some cute designs with a little naked lady on them. 

This article on Gwyneth Paltrow is quite interesting. 

Liam Gallagher and tea. What more do you need to know. 

Not a teenager, you'll be able to relate to this girls pain. 

Take a look at some awesome parkour training. 

Millennials are drinking less than previous generations! 

Overcoming exercise imposter syndrome.

Why you need a bunch of different friends no matter what your personality is. 

Feeling hangry is a real thing. 

This is how much of autism is genetic.

Beautiful instagram: Behindthescars

If you can't find your purpose just find a reason. 

You can still get the HPV vaccine as an adult if you didn't get it as a kid. 

This 2 year old is super cute. 

Here's a ye olde wellnesse blogge! 

A lovely blog post on getting yourself moving.

Someone also made an amazing toothbrush out of lego...




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