Happy Friday lovelies! Hope you all had a brilliantly spooky Halloween and that you have a nice weekend ahead of you to look forward to! As usual, here are our favourite finds from the week.

This one is good to remember - the health benefits of leafy greens.

A day in the life of a tea taster - talk about dream job. 

This is a perfect t-shirt! 

There's a scientific reason you might be shedding more hair this season.

How can we make mornings nicer?

Red wine might actually help with fertility! 

Love spicy food? What does it say about you?

Feel like you need to feel balanced in all aspects of life - it might be worth letting go.

Stinky sportswear? These hacks might help you smell like a daisy. 

Ways to deal with seasonal affective disorder now we're in the darker part of the year in the northern hemisphere.  

Why dreaming might be important for your health.

Photos from a Halloween dog parade to put a smile on your face.

The ultimate stay-in-bed time savers.

The benefits of having friendships with people you have nothing in common with. 

This rap about being vegan for World Vegan Day this week was pretty great!

There is such a thing as having too much fruit. 

Signs you're in good shape even if you don't exercise. 

This tumblr of people matching artwork in galleries is amazing. 





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