Happy Friday!! Here are our favourite finds from the week, enjoy and have a lovely weekend!

Professional climber Jimmy Chin on living out of his car, surviving an avalanche & taking big risks. 

Mixing hiphop and ballroom dancing! So much fun!

The science of anesthesia is rather interesting. 

Time for a giggle from the comedy wildlife photography awards.

Daisy Robinton is a scientist looking into how stem cell research can help with ageing. 

This school science experiment will make you not want to sleep near your phone. 

Coconut oil is awesome but not for everything.

9 things learned from eavesdropping on couples therapy sessions. 

Stop telling yourself you have time. 

Why you should care about what time you eat!

The photographer encouraging us to love our bodies through naturism. 

Missing several periods in a row could be a sign you don't want to ignore. Have a read why. 

What constant messaging could be doing to your anxiety. 

This lady had a dietitian look at what they ate for a week. 

Why do we sleep?

Babies cry in the womb and 18 other surprising facts. 

Lush has people super excited about their twilight body spray - it's designed to help you sleep. 

Why you might have red eyes and how to treat them.

This incredible video shows gentle c-section and a newborn 'crawl' out of the womb. Pretty incredible. 

A lot of people are saying this clay mask is clearing up their acne. 

Here are some health warnings every lady should look out for once she turns 30.

Last but not least - why we enjoy kissing. 


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