Happy Friday folks, it's time for the link pack once again. We hope you enjoy the read and wish you a wonderful weekend. 

A very heartwarming read about what people talk about in therapy.

7 essential books for when life gets hard. 

How a toy became an essential medical device.

How your gut affects your mood and how to fix it. 

Check out the trailer for this super cool film.

Oliver Jeffers shares his top children's books. 

The Cup of Jo holiday gift guide is very inspiring. 

Scientists have edited the genetic code inside a human body for the first time. 

Outstanding and mysterious images of isolated places. 

Beautiful pictures of the wonders of pregnancy. 

This top will keep you toasty in the cold. 

If I'm as agile as this lady at her age I will be very happy. 

What is self care really about?

Here are some almost impossible to kill plant suggestions for a healthier home.

What it's like to have a child through surrogacy.

How to look after yourself if you're an always on to go and self employed. 

Is it time to take silence more seriously?

IVF has been around for 40 years, what's to come in the future?

See what a nutritionist keeps in their pantry.

Everything you ever wanted to know about mucus.

Sometimes the simplest advice is the most effective.

Some inspiration for an at home herb garden. 





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