Happy Friday! It's almost Christmas and we can't really believe how fast this year has gone. We hope you have a most amazing weekend even if you're not celebrating Christmas and we will see you next week for our last Happy Friday of the year. Enjoy our festive link pack and remember 'tis the season to be kind'.

How cute. The tortoise and the sprout.

What an incredible gift for this little girl.

Simply Nailogical made snow globe nails to get into the Christmas spirit. Watch her hilarious video here.

What did we search for in 2017? Google shows us that we’re all human.

Your fertility at your fingertips.

Spend some time laughing your butt off at Michael McIntyre.

12 days of Pie-mas.

Amazing parenting products from 2017.

5 ways to stay calm this Christmas.

How your childhood can have an effect on your relationship with food.

Tis the season for new years resolutions. What to do if you don’t want to join a gym in Jan.

Meghan Markel on why ‘being enough’ changed everything.

How to say no more this Christmas.

The strangest things patients have said while waking up from anaesthesia.

Vegan food replacements you should know about!

Here’s a disposable menstrual disc!

This is Maven, a place where women can get healthcare peace of mind.

New years eve plans? Take the time for self care.

Have a chuckle at this years winners from the comedy wildlife photography awards.

What if acne wasn’t a flaw?

7 reasons why dog lovers are the happiest people to be around.

Take a look under the surface of products in the beauty industry.

The benefits of good posture.

Tim Minchin did a really great commencement speech in Australia.

Here are some unsanitary things you might do without even realising.





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