It's the last happy Friday of the year, and what a year it has been. We hope you've enjoyed following along with our healthy habits this year. We'll be posting a review about the year in the coming days, and we hope that 2018 brings everyone the successes they are looking for. Hope you've all had a very merry festive season and a very happy new year from us as Sagitta. Enjoy. 

7 Important things to remember about life.

Advice from 1500+ elders on living and loving.

15 feel good Instagrams to follow in 2018.

Why we should all learn a musical instrument for mental health.

January Challenges are all the rage. Here’s how to make it through Dry January.

Here's all the good news from 2017. 

And if you want to take part - here’s veganuary.

What does the no fucks guru give a fuck about? 

How many times a day should you eat?

You should try doing this when you get off a plane to help boost your immune system.

The trend of biohacking is coming about, giving us more information on our health. Read this review of microbiome tests.

Magical libraries to inspire your own dreamy book nook. Because reading is important.

8 ways to upgrade your health in 2018.

6 simple ways to combat the winter blues.



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