Happy New Year!!! We hope you're all well rested and off to a great start to the year. No matter if you are or aren't doing resolutions we hope you achieve all you set out to do this year. Here are our favourite finds, enjoy.

Great love story coming out of loss.

Cute snow gif.

Lovely painting series looking at isolation of the individual.

Patti Smith’s cure for insomnia.

Great toothbrushes for kids.

Healing Through the Power of Nature - a great book.

The most sensible advice of the year so far.

Perfectionism is a real problem.

The most deadly colours in history.

This is why you might orgasm in your sleep.

Here are some achievable resolutions

Ready for a reboot? These straight-talking women have some advice.

Thinking about switching to natural make-up? Have a read of this.

How to write a resolution you can keep.

Here are some recipes to help with stress.

9 Autoimmune diseases women need to know about.

20 tips & hacks to make your life better in 2018.



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