Happy Friday! There have been some lovely links out on the web this week, some moved us, some gave practical advice, some made us smile and feel awe at the world. We hope you've had a good week and enjoy the read...

David Attenborough talks about his first experiences of diving. 

Feeling grateful is a great way to boost your wellbeing. This journal helps you remember why. 

Trash is for Tossers posted a blog about easy ways you can reduce your waste this year, a lot of them directly relating to your health. 

A really really lovely gift idea to keep track off happiness.

An article looking at detox myth-busting.

6 different types of massage and their health benefits. 

Want to swap to natural beauty products - here are some great recommendations. 

How to get better at saying 'No' to plans. 

8 interesting and innovative products to help your sleep hygiene. 

Taking the piss? Ikea have a new ad which does exactly that. 

How to keep fit when you're on a budget. 

3 drink ideas to help get rid off bloating. 

The 6 best toothbrushes for receding gums, on the advice of dentists. 

Healthy dessert ideas from nutritionists. 

13 questions for a bra whisperer. 

Tips to treat a UTI. (text only in German)

How does your immune system work? Very interesting.  

Cute crochet illustrations by Tuija Heikkinen  which might get you into handicrafts. 



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