Happy Friday! We hope you've been having a spectacular week with a most wonderful weekend ahead. Here are our favourite finds from the web this week. 

CVS pharmacy has promised to stop airbrushing its beauty images. 

Here's an incredible MRI video showing a baby moving in the uterus.

This book tells you everything you need to know about how food nourishes you. 

Tips to keep your friendships strong even when life gets bananas. 

Sarah Silverman responded to a Twitter troll and actually had a heartwarming interaction.

This lady had her baby bump flipped manually. 

Cycling has been found not to harm mens sexual health.

We now know what baby-brain does to a pregnant woman's mind. 

A life lesson learned after losing a mother. 

5 Things dry January does to your body. 

Drinking hot tea is linked to a lowered glaucoma risk.

Sleeping for longer leads to a healthier diet. 

9 Quotes to put you in a good mood. 

Could this device help people who want to quit smoking? 

You might have more in common with your friends than you think!

How one woman got healthy without #CleanEating. 

Lessons learned after 13 years in therapy. 

Some things in your bathroom you might want to throw away.

3 Women on what menopause is really like.

How to trick yourself into feeling more confident. 

Signs you're healthy even when it feels like you're not. 

Here's the best time to drink lemon water.



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