So many awesome finds this week. It's been a great week for health. Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend. 

In the most amazing and hopeful news - British scientists may have just cured the first person ever of HIV.

Seeing as flu season is about to hit and everyone is getting sick I Fucking Love Science have brought us a list of 9 at-home remedies that actually work.

Talking of feeling sick, if you’re feeling like you might get ill we’d recommend checking out our Immun products which are designed to boost your immune system.

This amazing video from Harvard shows how bacteria adapts and creates new strains to survive antibiotics.

We wrote about how you get endorphins from laughing earlier this week so here are some animal photos and animal videos guaranteed to give you some happy feels.

Caffeine could help ward off dementia in women.

A drug for severe eczema has been successful in two new trials.




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