Happy Friday! Are you excited for Easter? We wish you an amazing time with your family and friends.

This art installation lets you wear another person's skin.

The joy of making new friends as an adult.

The ultimate conversation on healthy eating and nutrition. Must read!

How to exercise if it's the last thing you want to do.

Find out how to be better at uncertainty.

The herbal remedies you use to manage period pain.

A simplified approach to a long-term fitness by Jimmy Chin.

Great book - The Dental Diet, and here the German version - Mundum Gesund.

Male birth control pill is effective and safe according to a recent trial.

5 student activists on how it feels to March for Their Lives.

Check out this beautiful cover of Christina Aguilera wearing no makeup.

Find out how mind-wandering spurs creativity.

Check out this eye-opening male suicide prevention campaign.




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