Happy New Year from Sagitta!!!

The great thing about a new year is the chance for a refresh and the feeling that you have the chance to form a new attitude and build good things into your life. Which is why so many of us have New Years resolutions. The trouble with resolutions though, is that everyone tries to make themselves healthy by doing too much and then getting bored with it and fed up with it… and when February rolls around you end up back where you were.

We’ve decided to take a slightly different approach to the New Years Resolution and we want you to join in with us. We want to form some healthy habits which will benefit you over time. We’ll try out a new thing each week and if we like it we’ll build it into our lives and if not then we only tried it for a week and then we’re done. No commitment but multiple opportunities to improve overall wellbeing.

Everything we’ve chosen should be easy enough to incorporate into your life and easy enough to achieve. We’ll give you some healthy tips and tricks to help you along the way, as well as sharing our own experiences with you while we go along on this journey.

Why are we doing this you might be asking…

Well there are some things in life that we all should be doing but most of us seem to forget doing them, flossing, for example is really hard for me to remember to do. If you form it into a habit then it become a natural automatic part of your life and you then no longer need to think about doing it.

It takes 3-4 weeks of mindfully doing something to become a habit. The first week is usually quite easy, the second week you’ll start to forget. So here’s where we need to be mindful & set daily reminders if we want to continue… And so we begin, and we invite you to join us. We’ll be tagging everything with #HealthyHabits2017 on social media so you can join in the fun.

For January we’re starting with these:

Week 1: Use the stairs, walk up the escalator, avoid the lift/elevator as much as is humanly possible.

Week 2: Go to sleep early enough to get 6- 8 hours sleep.

Week 3: Floss everyday at least once a day

Week 4: Walk a little extra everyday: 15-30mins

Week 5: Book an appointment for a health check up.



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