Last weeks #HealthyHabits2017 challenge was stretching again, at the start or the end of each day. We decided this one would be a good one to try as our challenge to stretch while doing things failed - for me at least. It seemed this would be a good way to get into the rhythm of it, as being supple is youth in old age so it’s a good thing to develop in your own body.

We already spoke about the health benefits of stretching last time with some suggestions of stretches you could do while doing other things.

If anyone is interested this seems like a pretty good routine to do in the mornings. 



Honestly it wasn’t the greatest solution to the failed challenge. I remembered to do it more often than the last time but I could have done better. I stretched at pilates, and I stretched my legs and hamstrings in bed a good few times. However for some reason stretching when you really need a good stretch feels great, like when you’ve been for a long walk, or you’ve been sitting for too long in the same position, but forcing yourself to do it does feel really forced and I would rather something fit into the day naturally and with these challenges I can feel when something can slot in easily into my life. Also while I know small actions are good for you it kind of feels like you’re not doing anything. I feel bad but I think stretching is definitely the first challenge that while I know is worth integrating, it’s not going to happen yet, sadly I think is just not for me unless I’m consciously doing exercise. Challenge accepted and failed again. I am looking forward to this weeks task though, being physically creative. See you next week!


Image by Whitney Justesen

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