This week was all about developing good Sleep Habits. A doctor said it’s crazy how many diseases could be cured or avoided by getting a little more sleep and by drinking more water.

When I had a headache my parents never said take a painkiller they always went 'go and take a nap' and often this was the simple cure. If I do not get enough sleep I can quickly tell that my immune system is not happy and about 8 hours a night is just about right for me. Every person is different, so it is important to find out how much you actually need to function well; then try and stick to it. 

Here are some tips and tricks to get a restful night:

Have a night snack. Contrary to what people tell you it’s actually a good idea to have a little night snack just before you go to bed. It has to be a small snack, for example one wholegrain bread-slice with butter. Simply something for your glucose levels as they tend to drop at one point at night, usually around 3-4 pm and that wakes some people up.

Sleep in a cold and well ventilated room, its better to have a soft warm duvet or some more clothing on, but some fresh air moving in the room.

Try essential oils - Lavender is good for a restful night, Bergamot, Jasmin, Ylang Ylang or Neroli and also some linen sprays and cedar wood can help you to relax. 

De-clutter the bedroom and creating a calm environment. Some people say no mirrors, other say no plants. I simply like a nice calm environment. It’s shouldn't be too bright but also not super dark. Apparently the healthiest way to sleep is in a pitch black room, but for me that would be a nightmare. 

Reading or podcasts work well in putting me right to sleep. Phones and screens do not help at all but if you have to use one make sure you switch to night mode which reduces the blue light that comes from your screen to save your eyes

There are specific linen that work just better I find, I like my bedding and duvet to be light and also of natural fibres. My favourite is a classic goose feather duvet (not if you have allergies) with a 100% pure cotton linen. Also I like to air my linen in the sun and the fresh air which kills germs and other creepy crawlies that you don’t even want to think about having in your bed. 

Sleep on your own with your own duvet. No more snoring and rolling, duvet stealing, obviously if you are a person who does not like being alone too much this does not apply to you.

Take magnesium before you go to sleep, to decrease your cortisol and to relax your muscles. You can take up to 400mg. 

How did it go:

I never had problems with sleeping. I think I might have to put this down to my parents. They taught me how to sleep and I truly believe it is something that can be learned. My parents made sleeping always a positive experience i.e. they never sent me to bed as some sort of punishment. They read me stories and always told me how great sleeping is and how cosy my bed is. Also they taught me that you should always fall asleep with a happy thought and to never solve problems at night, and this is still something I stick to. I don’t watch crazy movies at night, I don’t read sad news, and I try to get my headspace in a calm and happy place. 

Here is to many great night sleeps hopefully under the stars, or high up in the mountains… when sleeping in one place does not work, maybe it's time to try another.


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