It's good to have goals, which is why our Healthy Habit last week was to create a Bucket List. 

Goals keep things in perspective and help us to keep in mind the things that are important to us. Helping us to focus our attention and prioritise choices we might have to make. I love having goals and lists are my life so the challenge was a joy to do.

Keeping a regular eye over your ambitions in life is a good way to keep your wellbeing & life in check. It also helps to reduce stress as it helps you sift the important stuff from the not so important things and keep things in perspective.

As we have discovered on this journey of healthy habits over the course of this year, reducing stress has such a big impact on all areas of health and longevity. This is because stress impacts our bodies in such a crazy way that most people would never expect. The whole idea that cortisol is pumping through your body and turning off your immune function is mad - so it’s really good to deal with it and it’s good news that lists help with that. Part of the reason it might help is by making your memory’s job smoother - by distilling information it’s easier to remember it and it also takes the pressure of needing to keep it all in your head.

Having any kind of to-so list is good as it helps us take steps to actioning things, which in turn gives us confidence and boosts our happiness. As mentioned in our happiness blog post in the past, every time you check off an item on a to-do list you will get a little hit of dopamine which will boost your mood.

Lists are bloody great.

Lists can get very everyday though, so a good bucket list is a wonderful tool for figuring out what’s important to you in the big picture. Helping you to live your best life knowing where your priorities generally lie. There are some really great TED talks on bucket lists you can listen to here and here.

There’s not much to say other than that on the health benefits. Mental wellbeing is as important as physical wellbeing and creating a bucket list is a wonderful way to do a overall check in every now and again.


I loved this task. I spent a lot of time thinking about it and surprised myself by day dreaming 50 things I wish would happen, things like ‘swim with the happy pigs in the bahamas’ and ‘have your photography published in National Geographic’ and ‘cuddle a monkey’. I have prioritised 10 things from the list though and it was really a nice thing to do while thinking about other parts of my life and seeing how achievable these goals actually are. A handy tip from Sabine was that once you’ve checked off a goal, replace it with another one, so my list of 40 other things isn’t going anywhere. Another friend also suggested giving myself a time frame for each of these tasks, which I might do for some. Without further adieu, this is my bucket list:

1. Visit the Amazon.
2. Live in a different country.
3. Learn to do a handstand again.
4. Write a song.
5. Build a company that people like working with and for.
6. Cycle the Pacific coast.
7. Name a star.
8. Learn to fight like Buffy (I’m a nerd)
9. Have your tarot read in real life.
10. Fly in a hot air ballon.

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