And so the last week of the year has happened. And what a year it has been, especially with our #HealthyHabits2017 challenge, integrating a new habit every single week, even while on holiday.

The point of this challenge has been to try out things that are supposed to be good for us that we could turn into habits. We were to try them out for a week each, each task was to be easy to implement, and see what resonated and felt good. Some things were more successful than others but the enjoyment of them is totally subjective so we wrote about the health benefits as well as our own personal experiences of these things. It's been a wild ride into the world of living a healthier life and even if all 52 habits haven't stuck by trying these things out we've improved our lives a fraction and have successfully implemented some things that make us feel great while figuring out what felt like waste of time. 

This last habit of the year is to reflect on how we've done, because looking back is important for learning for the future.

And so how did it finally go? 

We've tried things that are good for the body: flossing, drinking lots of water, stretching, walking, sleeping. And things that are good for the mind: writing letters of gratitude, reading, smiling intently, saying no and writing bucket lists. 

The thing that came out during the research for these posts is that pretty much everything in our list here will help out with stress in some way. And stress causes a lot of bad suff to happen in the body especially if you're running on those feelings for a long time. So literally everything here is well worth doing for that aspect. But what are the things that have stuck?

Well drinking lots of water has. Before this challenge I personally would survive of tea alone and barely drink water. The benefits I've felt from drinking water have been incredible. I feel fresher, my skin is usually happier, and the uncomfortable process of needing to pee every five minutes dissipated when my body got used to it. 

All the active challenges like try a sport or exercise you've never tried before, or go swimming meant that I had to go outside of my comfort zone of just walking the dog and actually get more active. This has had a bigger impact and I've started exercising more in general which has been good for my wellbeing overall. I feel more confident and happier in my own body because of it. 

Food wise, trying veggie or vegan for a week stuck and I've now been vegetarian for seven months. Again it's a personal choice, but anyones diets will benefit from having more fruits and veggies incorporated into them. I've also incorporated more fermented food into my diet because I forgot how yummy pickled cucumber was!

Things like writing a bucket list, or keeping a happiness diary, or reflecting on what I'm grateful for have also stuck because it's a good idea to keep these things in check. Taking note of the things that make you happy, the things you want to achieve and making sure you make the most of these things that add value and make a life worth living. 

While not everything here is a daily habit to put into practice, all of them are worth doing every now and again in terms of wellbeing. If you decide to incorporate some healthy habits into your own life we hope this list provides some insight and helpful information as to why these things are worth trying yourself. We've set ourselves up in a good position this year and we're looking forward to a healthier 2018 and hope you are too. Happy New Year and lots of love from us at Sagitta. 

If you want to see how we did here are all of the habits:

Week 1: Use the stairs.

Week 2: Sleep 6-8 hours a night.

Week 3: Floss at least once a day.

Week 4: Walk at least 15 - 30 mins more everyday.

Week 5: Book a health check up.

Week 6: Drink at least 2 litres of water a day.

Week 7: Cut out refined sugar.

Week 8: Meditate daily for ten mins.

Week 9: Start a Happiness Diary.

Week 10: Cut out dairy.

Week 11: Try a sport or exercise you've never tried before.

Week 12: Eat veggie or vegan for the week.

Week 13: Daily acts of kindness.

Week 14: No alcohol week.

Week 15: Stretch. (While you do something else).

Week 16: Eat fermented food.

Week 17: Make use of essential oils.

Week 18: Go for a weekend hike.

Week 19: Read for twenty minutes everyday.

Week 20: Smile and laugh purposefully everyday for five minutes.

Week 21: Bring music back into your life.

Week 22: Stretch for ten mins at the start or end of the day. 

Week 23: Do something creative.

Week 24: Use natural cleaning products.

Week 25: Reflect on what you're grateful for.

Week 26: Get outside everyday.

Week 27: Start saying no to things.

Week 28: Spend more time with loved ones.

Week 29: Have breakfast.

Week 30: Go swimming.

Week 31: Drink herbal tea.

Week 32: Shop organic on a budget.

Week 33: Cut down on cosmetics.

Week 34: Plant some herbs/veggies.

Week 35: Use home made household products.

Week 36: Learn a new skill.

Week 37: Sleep habits.

Week 38: Write a bucket list.

Week 39: Prepare for Winter. 

Week 40: Digital detox.

Week 41: Probiotics.

Week 42: Share the love.

Week 43: Take magnesium.

Week 44: Get a massage. 

Week 45: Do an at home blood test. 

Week 46: Go out in nature.

Week 47: Naps

Week 48: Have a sauna.

Week 49: Take an hour for yourself everyday.

Week 50: Look after someone else's health.

Week 51: Lend a hand.

Week 52: Reflect on achievements. 





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