We’re so pleased to announce the launch of our new product Akut, just in time to help combat potential illnesses in cold and flu and season. Akut was born out of necessity, to help in those moments when you’re feeling a bit run down or worse for wear, to be the first line of defence when you feel like you could be getting sick. It’s completely vegan and we’ve sourced the absolute best ingredients for the job (as always). To introduce the product we had a little interview with Sabine to see why and how the product was made. We’ve featured half of the interview here and we’ll be sharing the rest in an e-book that will be coming out in the coming weeks.

You can listen to the interview in German here: 

What is Akut?

It’s a liquid filled with 8 medical grade organic Alpine Herb extracts. It comes in 6 little (shots) it does contain alcohol. I always like to say it before you end up giving it to kids. It’s also the reason why we can only recommend one a day. Ideally you take it 15 minutes after a meal.

How does it work?

The plant extracts give your immune system a boost and the vitamin B3 and zinc will help it ticking over nicely.

Why did you decide to focus on creating this product in particular?

We were really looking for a products for the first defence. In autumn when you get a little scratchy, tickly throat and you know something is coming on. We wanted it to be all natural without any side effects and something that even tastes good.

When & how often should someone take it?

The best time to take it is when your immune system feels a little compromised. It’s best is to take one bottle a day for 6 days in a row. We recommend taking it alongside our Immune range as the products have been designed to work most optimally together.

To check out Akut for yourself take a look in our shop here

To read the full interview keep an eye out for our new e-book in the next few weeks.



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