It's the start of the week and we all need a little inspiration to get going, so today we’re making your day a little brighter by sharing our favourite Instagram accounts with you because beautiful pictures put smiles on our faces, and smiles are a great way to release some endorphins and destress.
So without further adieu… 


A little sausage dog called Piggy, making humans smile on a daily basis is her job description so she’s guaranteed to give you the warm fuzzies.


Amazing tiny paintings. Very cute and inspiring. The amount of detail she gets in is mind blowing. 


Bespoke designs for tiny folk, brilliant if your child has an unusual name and better than any keychain. 


Have you even seen wood look more beautiful than in this instagram? Such talented craftsmanship. 


Super cute paper crafts and teenie tiny pompoms in unexpected forms. If you’ve got a rainy day with your kids this is worth checking out for inspiration and things to do. 


We tried but we can’t get through this list without mentioning food. We particularly love this channel by Michelle Harvey - a nutritionalist in training. Not only does she share her food but funny anecdotes and tips for healthy living too. 

Such great channels, can you recommend some that make you feel happy? 

You can find us on Instagram @SagittaMed



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