How is it the last week of the year?! 2016 seems to have brought a lot of change to the world. So many important people have sadly died… some interesting political shifts are happening across the world. While a lot of it may seem like negative change to a lot of people, there are always opportunities to rebuild the world into the place you want it to be and stay positive.  To us these things have happened and are here to rattle us, making us do something about it rather than sitting by complacently. Which is why we’re so glad we launched this year. We see an opportunity to share amazing information to make anyones life and health better. So we hope you’ve been enjoying the ride with us over here at Sagitta, we know you might not have seen all of our blog posts so here’s a run down of our favourites from the year.



Starting a Period Revolution

We had heard about period pants and decided to test some made by THINX & shared the experience with you. We loved them so much, they make the last days of your period no hassle at all and they’re kind to the environment.



What works best when? We put together an article and infographic for you to be able to use the right painkiller in any situation, ensuring you’ll get something that will work best right when you need.


Healthy Deodorants

We really enjoyed the process of testing out the deodorants. If you want us to test anything else in the future let us know and we will! We also made our first video with this which was exciting to say the least.



IV Drip Vitamins

We didn’t know anything about these until Sabine got really ill and the doctor recommended she go and get one. It was so worth it she had two.


Children & Brushing Teeth

It’s a tough job to get done but dental health is the best thing to instil from a young age. Here’s some ideas of how we’ve done it and hopefully they'll help your kids.


Tackling Acne with the Internet

Everyone has a different process and story when it comes to treating acne but this article has lots of tips and advice if you or someone you love is tackling the beast.


Make You Happy

What actually makes us feel happy and how can we hack it to feel a bit more positive in general… There are many things you can do to get those happy chemicals reacting in your boy.


Top Tips

We shared our top tips from our instagram account so far. So many helpful little bits of information from how to deal with an ear infection naturally to using magnesium for better sleep.



Happy Fridays

We love doing the weekly round ups of health or happy links. To us it’s really cool to see the interesting and amazing things people are doing around the world. We hope you’ve liked them too. This one with lots of dance related links did really well! Everyone was in the groove that week it seems.


We have a couple more articles for you this week before the year is out, including an interview with a famous yet elusive doctor, so keep an eye on the blog for some interesting info.

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