How to deal with a cold

  Feeling under the weather is never fun, no one would wish to feel sick or to catch a cold or just be poorly in general. Sometimes it even feels like we have no time to be ill. But sometimes life catches up with us and forces us to slow...

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Healthy Habits | Week 52

  And so the last week of the year has happened. And what a year it has been, especially with our #HealthyHabits2017 challenge, integrating a new habit every single week, even while on holiday. The point of this challenge has been to try out things that are supposed to be...

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Happy Friday

  Happy Friday! We're feeling fabulous after this week and excited for the weekend, hope you guys are too! Before we get on with the link pack, we'd like to put out there that we're looking for people to join our team so please shoot us an email at

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