Tip | Relax

While you are reading this release your shoulders from your ears, unclench your jaw, and remove the tongue from the roof of your mouth. We physically tend to hold on to stress in the least noticeable ways.  Image by viki kollerova

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For people who love to read

  Welcome to our First Healthy Gift Guide of 2018! Specifically put together for those who love to read or even those who would benefit from getting into it. A recent study found that people who read books 30 minutes a day, live longer than those who do not read...

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Reading & Stress

Researchers at the University of Sussex found that reading for 6 minutes can cut the level of stress you might be feeling in half.  Image by Isabel Marcelo 

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Reading Books

Read books - on average avid readers live up to 2 years longer than non-readers. It can improve memory, increases your capacity for mental activity and increases your ability for empathy.   Image by Anna Louise

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Happy Friday

  Happy Friday folks, it's time for the link pack once again. We hope you enjoy the read and wish you a wonderful weekend.  A very heartwarming read about what people talk about in therapy. 7 essential books for when life gets hard.  How a toy became an essential medical device....

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Merry Friday

  Merry Friday from us at Sagitta… We have lots of festive links to read through today and we wish you a very merry weekend no matter if you celebrate Christmas or not… This super cute idea to encourage children to read through an interactive app is amazing. Too many...

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