Happy December 1st! It's officially Christmas month. This is part two of our healthy gift guide. Healthy gifts for Her. We've already posted gifts for the family if you want to have a read and ideas for healthy advent calendars if you're running last minute. For Him will be tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled. While a lot of these gift ideas are also applicable to just about anyone in your life (bar a couple of products), we felt the ladies in your life would especially love these healthy presents. 


New Pyjamas for a decent sleep

We love these comfy looking PJs from Hush. Traditional, comfy and elegant for any one looking for the perfect bed clothes for a perfect nights sleep. 



Tea glorious tea

Tea is proven to reduce stress levels so a beautiful pack of amazing tea is a great gift for any tea lover or potential stresspot in your life. We love the teas by Paper & Tea.



Period Pants

Honestly read our review of THINX underwear. They're a great investment and could be great alternative to standard lingerie for the important lady in your life. We know we'd prefer these wonder comfortable pants that protect your bedsheets and help the environment over a lacy bra that offers no support. 


Home Spa Kit

A bit of self care can do so much for your wellbeing and your mental health so why not bring the spa home. We're dying to try these home spa kits out from Fig & Yarrow. If you want to knock it up a level we'd recommend getting a mobile massage therapist to come to your home so you can get the full spa experience without leaving your house. 



Comfy & Stylish Workout Gear

For a fitness lover in your life or someone looking to change things up a bit with their routine. The clothes Yoga Rebel sell are great for working out in. The patterns are brilliant and the fabrics they use are great. Get someone a series of leggings so they never have to leave the world of stylish comfort. 



Sabine mentioned them in her healthy deodorant test video last week. Being one of our favourite products we thought we'd share it over here for a wonderfully healthy Christmas gift. You may as well get someone great toiletries that they'll actually use. More of this deo is certainly on our Christmas list. 



Candles for that Hygge

Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is a Danish word that is a feeling or mood that comes taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, every day things more meaningful, beautiful or special. What better to provide that magical feeling of pleasure in the everyday than a great candle. We love this collection designed to bring you exactly that from Skandivinsk. We're using the Skog Air diffuser and it's making the room smell of a wintery forest.



Bespoke Perfume

Imagine receiving the gift of a perfume designed specifically for you. It would be super special and we love how fragrance can effect your overall wellbeing. It's not cheap and definitely the most expensive thing in this gift guide but it would be a wonderful gift if you have a lot of cash burning a hole in your wallet. 


Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Another one to do with fragrance. A good nights sleep can do wonders. This pillow spray is designed to help you get an easy nights rest with the most relaxing essential oils, and all you need to do is spritz it on your pillow and breathe in. 



A Beautiful Backpack

Posture, back pain and balance can really be effected by the bag you use. Even a small shoulder bag used regularly can throw it all off to a place that isn't overly comfortable. Investing in a great stylish backpack for your belongings is such a great idea and we love this one from Madewell. 



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