The Flu

If you happen to catch the flu it will usually last around a week. If you catch it make sure you keep hydrated, rest and keep warm. Take Paracetamol to reduce your temperature and Ibuprofen to relieve any aches. Stay home if you can, so as not to worsen your...

Chesty Cough

When you’re recovering from a cold often you can get a chesty cough which gets worse at night. Warm non-caffeinated (dairy free) drinks before bed can help break up the mucus causing the cough making it easier to breathe during the day and to get to sleep in the evenings....

Sleep off the tired

We require the same amount of sleep all year round: 8 hours is the most optimal. You don’t need more in the darker months and often sleeping more makes you feel more tired. But ensure you get a proper good nights sleep and practice good sleep hygiene by having a...

Feeling tired?

Try and get outside as much as possible in the Autumn and Winter months to soak in as much natural daylight as you can, this will help you from feeling sluggish. If you find it hard to get outside try taking short works throughout the day - take a lunchtime...

Fill Up

Make sure everyone’s tummies are filled with a good serving of veggies and fibre this Halloween before any trick or treating. You’ll feel fuller and therefore be less tempted to binge on all the treats.  Image by sarahkatejay

Sticky Sweets

The longer something sugary is in your mouth the more damage it may have on your pearly whites. If you’re going to enjoy the treats this Halloween avoid sticky sweets like toffee or gummy bears as these take longer to get washed away by saliva. Image by wallflower kitchen

Keep it clean

If someone is poorly in your house, make sure to keep everything clean. Especially items like cups, glasses or towels - things that are touched regularly - to avoid transferring viruses.Image by kia

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