Creativity, Flow and Meditiation

Doing something creative has a similar effect on the brain to meditation and can decrease your stress. Even just witnessing creative acts can be calming - think of visiting a concert or going to see pieces of art work in a gallery.   Image by catam

Sleep & Music

Trouble sleeping? Listen to classical music. It has been shown to effectively treat insomnia and can help induce a meditative state as music beats can alter brainwave speed.    Image by Sarah Van Looy

Less Furniture

Get rid of some of your furniture. It may sound crazy but sitting on a chair or sofa is not the best position for the body. Observe how toddlers and kids naturally sit down, one of the most healthful positions is shown in the picture above. Working and playing with...



The small screens, bright lights and tiny text of your smartphone or tablet could be straining your eyes more than you realise. Try dimming the brightness.



How pale is your pee? If it’s too dark to read a newspaper through (imagination is key!) you’re probably dehydrated. It should be a light straw colour.



Your greatest ally in flu season is a bar of soap. Germs can live on surfaces (door handles, phones) for two hours or more, so regular hand washing (at least 20 seconds, and not missing your fingertips) is the best protection. Image: Tobias Weber


  Floss your teeth before brushing, not the other way around. Why? So the debris loosened by the floss will get whisked away rather than sticking around. Art: The Tinka Tree

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