Einen kühlen Kopf bewahren

  Um Erschöpfung durch Hitze oder einem Hitzschlag vorzubeugen wenn das Wetter wärmer wird, stelle eine ausreichende Flüssigkeitszufuhr sicher - wiederverwendbare Flaschen sind sehr praktisch um jederzeit Wasser griffbereit zu haben. Trage helle Kleidung, vermeide Alkohol und exzessives Körpertraining. Und verwöhne dich selbst mit einem kühlen Bad oder einer kühlen...


  Ein plötzliches Auftreten von starken Angstzuständen sowie Zittern, Gefühl von Desorientierung, Übelkeit, schnellem unregelmäßigem Herzschlag, trockenem Mund, Atemnot, Schwitzen und Schwindelgefühl sind Zeichen einer Panikattacke. Eine wirksame Maßnahme ist die sogenannte Vier-Quadrat-Atmung: zähle wiederholt bis Vier und atme durch die Nase ein, zähle wieder bis Vier und atme durch...

Creative Thinking

Creative thinking engages different parts of our brains than normal and acts promote production of new neurons which are super important for keeping up a healthy central nervous system.   Image by Jess Hunter


Smile more: It’s linked to calmed blood pressure, quicker stress recovery, improved immune function, lifted moods and acts as a natural painkiller.    Image by Rebecca Jensen

Creativity, Flow and Meditiation

Doing something creative has a similar effect on the brain to meditation and can decrease your stress. Even just witnessing creative acts can be calming - think of visiting a concert or going to see pieces of art work in a gallery.   Image by catam

Sleep & Music

Trouble sleeping? Listen to classical music. It has been shown to effectively treat insomnia and can help induce a meditative state as music beats can alter brainwave speed.    Image by Sarah Van Looy


Want to be as fit as an athlete but don’t have any interest in exercising? Play the drums. It help’s with dexterity and having greater control of your body.   Image by Clark Ramos

Happy Habit

You can train your brain to be more positive. Our minds are wired to think negatively as a form of protection but making smiling a habit can help our brains to create more positive thinking patterns.    Image by Kathleen Motoa

Lift Your Mood

Smiling with intent has the ability to improve your current mood. Your brain checks in with what your facial muscles are doing and begins to align your mood with what’s going on on the surface.  Image by Jessica Perez

Less Furniture

Get rid of some of your furniture. It may sound crazy but sitting on a chair or sofa is not the best position for the body. Observe how toddlers and kids naturally sit down, one of the most healthful positions is shown in the picture above. Working and playing with...

Scents & Smells

Scents & Smells

I am fascinated by how smell can affect people's mood or even shopping habits or work performance. That good smells can make you happier and how even a whiff of something can straight away bring back memories. Apparently we even tend to choose our partner by smell. Since smell has...

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