Waking later at weekends can have the same effect as jetlag as we switch between two time zones: one dedicated by work and the other by our internal clock. To feel more refreshed in the morning, turn off bright lights two hours before bed and use an app that automatically...

Sleep off the tired

We require the same amount of sleep all year round: 8 hours is the most optimal. You don’t need more in the darker months and often sleeping more makes you feel more tired. But ensure you get a proper good nights sleep and practice good sleep hygiene by having a...

Sleep & Music

Trouble sleeping? Listen to classical music. It has been shown to effectively treat insomnia and can help induce a meditative state as music beats can alter brainwave speed.    Image by Sarah Van Looy


Sleep affects everything from our cognitive function to our immune systems - you’re much less likely to catch a virus if your body is well rested. It can help with stress, ensure proper function of your metabolism and help to regulate blood pressure. Basically the better the sleep you get,...

Trouble sleeping

Have a night snack if you are a bad sleeper. It helps regulate your blood sugar and can prevent you from waking up. The best option to have as a snack is a carb and fat, so give some bread and butter a go if you’re having a tough time...

Warm Feet and Sleep

Your body temperature naturally drops before bedtime to help you sleep but having cold feet when getting into bed can keep you from getting much needed sleep. In winter months if your prone to chilly feet try using slippers or socks to keep warm. A bath or just a foot...

Magnesium Supplements

Magnesium Supplements

I always have magnesium tablets in my cupboard. Once I did not quite feel like my usual self, a good friend and pharmacist suggested taking magnesium. 'It calms your nervous system, and aids good sleep' she said. It also gets rid of nasty leg cramps and I did take quite...

Cold Sore

Cold Sore

A bit too much on and lack of sleep left me with a cold sore. I have tried many creams and natural remedies, but I've found one that seems to work best for me. While pregnant and breastfeeding I only used a plant based cream but now with kids in...

Good Sleep

Good Sleep

Have you ever wondered why problems seem to be worse at night? Our body does not produce serotonin at night - which is our mood stabilising hormone. So problems do actually seem worse at night and when my parents used to say - 'sleep on it in the morning, everything...



The small screens, bright lights and tiny text of your smartphone or tablet could be straining your eyes more than you realise. Try dimming the brightness.


 Magnesium is a drug worth having to hand. Taken at night will help calm your nervous system and lead to better sleep, careful though, a high dose taken can be an alternative to laxatives. Image: Steve Gallagher

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