Creativity, Flow and Meditiation

Doing something creative has a similar effect on the brain to meditation and can decrease your stress. Even just witnessing creative acts can be calming - think of visiting a concert or going to see pieces of art work in a gallery.   Image by catam

Sleep & Music

Trouble sleeping? Listen to classical music. It has been shown to effectively treat insomnia and can help induce a meditative state as music beats can alter brainwave speed.    Image by Sarah Van Looy

Happy Habit

You can train your brain to be more positive. Our minds are wired to think negatively as a form of protection but making smiling a habit can help our brains to create more positive thinking patterns.    Image by Kathleen Motoa

Yogurt lids

You should never lick your yogurt lid. There are traces of aluminium that are used in the adhesive which get transferred to the lid and aren’t that healthy or safe to consume. Just pop the lid in the bin. If you don’t like wasting food We’d recommend getting yogurts in...


Onions can be used to ease an ear infections, soothe a bee sting, tea made out of it can treat a cough and the juices can give glowing skin. Image by mignonettetakespictures

Essential oils & children

Not all essential oils are safe to use around babies or children. Never, ever give them for digestion, do your research as different oils can be used at different ages. Always dilute them and use a water soluble carrier if you’re using them with water - say in the bath. ...

Intermittent fasting

If you go 12 to 16 hours with no food and no snacking you body has more time to process and digest your food, which means giving your body time to detox and in turn can help your cells to age slower.  Image by Brooke Lark

Tooth health

For healthy teeth you need fat soluble vitamins, vitamin A, D & E in combination with K2. You can get them from main sources such as nuts, fish and leafy greens.  image via clickin moms


Lots of screen time might lead to being prone to something called ‘myopia’ which is the term for near-sightedness. It’s on the rise with children and teenagers and it’s been found that you need to see at least three hours of daylight a day to combat eye damage you might...

High Blood Pressure

Give blood to help high blood pressure, your blood may thin a bit in the process and therefore require less effort to pump around the body. 

Trouble sleeping

Have a night snack if you are a bad sleeper. It helps regulate your blood sugar and can prevent you from waking up. The best option to have as a snack is a carb and fat, so give some bread and butter a go if you’re having a tough time...

Tea & Iron

Tea inhibits iron absorption, avoid drinking it around mealtimes and stick with water (or wine if you’re feeling fancy).  Image via Unsplash

Basic Skincare

If you have acne nail a basic skincare regime. Use a gentle cleanser, a moisturiser and a sun screen. From here you add in what could be helpful.  Image via tumblr

Garlic Breath

Garlic is healthy and delicious but is famed for its stinky qualities. If you find yourself with garlic breath try eating raw apples, lettuce or mint. Or try drinking a mint tea. Research has found these food deodorize garlic breath as enzymes in the food helps destroy odour.  Image via fruitassembly...

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