The Flu

If you happen to catch the flu it will usually last around a week. If you catch it make sure you keep hydrated, rest and keep warm. Take Paracetamol to reduce your temperature and Ibuprofen to relieve any aches. Stay home if you can, so as not to worsen your...

Sleep off the tired

We require the same amount of sleep all year round: 8 hours is the most optimal. You don’t need more in the darker months and often sleeping more makes you feel more tired. But ensure you get a proper good nights sleep and practice good sleep hygiene by having a...

Diabetes Symptoms

It’s World Diabetes Day today, and 1 in 2 people currently living with diabetes remain undiagnosed. While not always present, the things to look out for at excessive thirst, needing the toilet a lot, lack of energy, blurred vision, slow healing wounds and numbness if your hands and feet. Image...

Stress Awareness

Autumn Anxiety is real… The change in seasons can impact sensitive people’s neurological systems. If you find you’re feeling overwhelmed take at least 15 minutes to yourself. Go for a walk, have some tea, breathe, calm down.  Image by marianofigueredo

Creativity, Flow and Meditiation

Doing something creative has a similar effect on the brain to meditation and can decrease your stress. Even just witnessing creative acts can be calming - think of visiting a concert or going to see pieces of art work in a gallery.   Image by catam

Acts of Kindness

Acts of kindness promote oxytocin release in the body in anyone performing an act of kindness and anyone witnessing it. Oxytocin reduces our cortisol levels as well having a really healthy impact on the body. Try and pay it forward today.  Image by Secret Holiday

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