Sagitta Immun Pulver
Sagitta Immun Pulver Sagitta Immun Pulver

Sagitta Immun Powder

Sagitta Immun Powder is a dietary supplement with natural fermented ingredients. The bacterial strains can help to maintain and restore the balance of intestinal flora while other components promote growth of cohabiting gut bacteria. A healthy intestinal balance hugely impacts the smooth functioning of metabolic processes and the remarkbly complex immune system. 

As a daily dose, stir three level scoops (approx. 3 grams) of Sagitta Immun Poweder into a small glass of still, room-temperature water. Allow to soak for 10 minutes before drinking. Sagitta Immun Powder is best taken before bed. Psyllium shells regulate digestion naturally whereas glutamine supports the rapid regeneration of intestinal mucosa during the night. The packaging size is the equivalent of a four week supply.