a couple of things we found around the web, have a lovely weekend.

Ladies would you try those period pants?

Great TED talk about infidelity.

Beautiful film about a free spirited mother by a dear friend. Small Island, Big Water.

For all you parents out there a little reminder and one for myself.

This looks painful but oh so beautiful. Portrait of a Dancer.

Great products ugly packaging. I want to try 9, 29 and 32. My kids would love 42.

This looks like a comfy bra.

Would you get placenta capsules made? Here is someone who has tried it. (English interview at the bottom)

This seems like an interesting sleep tracking app. It monitors your sleep pattern and wakes you up during light sleep so you feel more rested.

I want to get these AquaNotes. There is a scientific explanation why great ideas come in the shower.

Joanna Goddard tried 5 exercise classes.

Yay Tray by Buddy and Bear via Scout & Co

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