Walking into Dr Netzer’s practice in Schwabing is like coming into a pleasant home, lovingly decorated with a full size horse light in the entrance. You immediately get a sense of warmth and welcoming and the same can be said of the staff who greeted me with an unusual friendliness and enthusiasm.

Dr Netzer fits right in with his bubbly, chatty persona. He kindly took time out of his day to give me not only a tour but also provide detailed explanations to my many questions. You see Dr Netzer is one of the few experts in the very specialised subject of veins. Not only has he written numerous books and invented new techniques but he is genuinely happy to treat the cases that other doctors have given up on.

Dr Netzer was inspired to enter this specialist field by his uncle who was a leading doctor in the treatment of veins. Although some methods remain the same since he started working, he said treatment in the early days was very different. The difference nowadays is that every vein gets treated with a different method: the one best suited to solving its very problem. His speciality is doing it all in one go... Not only is this the least trouble for the patient as it's all dealt with in one sitting, these can vary in time from 45 minutes to 2.5 hours. The recovery time is therefore kept to a minimum and more often than not the patient is back to their every day business as soon as the anaesthetic wears off and compression stockings are rarely needed.

I wondered who would see a Doctor like him and if only old people go but I found out a few interesting facts:

His patients range from 14 year old kids to 99 year olds - he gets a full spectrum of people from models, to professional athletes, to people like you and I who were just slightly unlucky in the gene pool. 

Problems with veins (for example the more common issues such as varicose veins and spider veins) are mostly hereditary - occasionally they can come from some sort of trauma e.g. a broken ankle or problems with the achilles tendon, but mostly they are just come with the hand you are dealt health wise and either your veins are good or bad. This came as some sort of relief to me as I thought perhaps crossing your legs and pregnancy increased my chances of getting spider veins on my legs, but nope! It’s all predetermined and there is nothing much you can do about it. 

As I mentioned spider veins, Dr Netzer said he does not really deal with these and usually refers these patients to Dr Guggenbichler. Dr Netzer likes the really extreme vein issues and the more severe, the better. He has clearly seen and done it all and enjoys a challenge: stating his favourite cases are the ones that other doctors have rejected as inoperable or incurable, usually when these cases come to his office there is a lot that can still be done.

If you want to read more about the different treatments available have a read on Dr Netzer’s website.

What struck me about Dr Netzer was how he seriously considers and treats his patients as people and he takes the time to analyse, explain and discuss each specific case, option and method. The patients' needs are at the centre of the treatment and the individual solutions that he can offer are cutting edge.

Let's see what my gene pool will offer me and if my veins behave. However I certainly take comfort in the knowledge that should one day something crop up there is a Dr Netzer I can visit who will sort it all out. 

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