Boo!! Happy Spooky Friday Fiends! Here's our round up from the best of this week. Have a wonderfully wicked halloween weekend.  

What do Blind people dream about?

A lot of people are exhausted nowadays - this list gives some unexpected reasons you might be feeling tired

This video of the ways people have written the word ‘pregnant’ made us laugh so hard.

It’s halloween weekend, make sure you keep your family entertained and healthy with our top finds for a healthy halloween

Andrew W.K. shared about his experience with meditation

An artist shared her first experience of fear.

This tweet from The Unmumsy Mum is so on point

An Antidepressant could provide the next brain cancer breakthrough

Innovations in the mosquito world - this patch makes you invisible to those annoying little critters

Using natures blueprints to create breakthroughs in medical technologies



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