Happy Friday! It's getting chillier and the nights are getting longer so we feel our weekly dose of good news is even more relevant now. Have a wonderful weekend!

Mr Bingo, our favourite abusive illustrator, has made an advent calendar where you can remove peoples clothes.

Huffington post made a very moving video about the fact that #BoysDoCry.

Adele spoke about postnatal depression and has a refreshingly honest take on the topic.

This is a really cool podcast about how people built things, very inspiring and great to listen to while you’re doing things.

Tiny Beautiful Things is a book filled with advice from ‘Dear Sugar’ an Agony Auntie column, here’s some of the best life advice from the book.

This Instagram account has funny, accurate & interesting observations of the modern human condition - all drawn on post-it notes.

As we head into winter with its dark mornings and early sunsets, seasonal affective disorder is likely to make you feel a little blue. Techradar have looked at the best lamps that should help feel a bit brighter.

Scientists at Kew Gardens have launched a project to create a single database of the worlds medicinal plant species.

Here are ten medical breakthroughs that will change our health in 2017.

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