Happy Friday! Wow, what a week it’s been… It’s been a little bit intense and we’re not sure how the news across the Atlantic will effect peoples health (especially womens), it’ll be interesting to see the developments to say the least. As always we wanted to share some good news to remind you that people are doing amazing things out there, and so here’s our favourite finds from this week. 

If you’re feeling stressed out from the last week, neuroscientists say this is the most relaxing song in the world. 

This Instagram post about food and exercise is poignantly true.

Daniela Sherer has made an animation for The School Of Life about how to deal with insomnia.

How good does this man look on the runway at 80?! Age is definitely just a number! Do watch his video - wise words.

This video from the BFI archives captures the perfect simplicity and joy of being a kid, brb we’re going to go roll in some hay now. 

These Japanese animal sculptures made of candy are amazing. More for looking at and less for eating. 

Design Sponge spoke to Heather Crosby about the beauty of self-care and eating clean. Really want the book!

This animation by Parallel Studio on Unsatisfying situations is amazing…

To end on a high note, here are some inspiring life lessons from Dilys Price, a kick-ass 84 year old who does more than we do.



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