Happy last Friday of November, that means only one thing - it's getting to the party time of year. We've curated our favourite finds from the week which include finding the healing power in dance and also find out how to keep healthy during the party season. 

These modular shoes are taking the internet by storm. 

This is how to save a choking baby in seconds. Could very much come in handy.

OK GO came out with yet another brilliant video shot in 4.2 seconds. It put a smile on our faces.

This lady found healing power in dance… Sign us up.

Talking of dance, we want to try one of these early morning raves...

This newborn getting a hair wash is the cutest thing we’ve seen in a while.

Getting started with running is hard, expescially when it's cold and dark outisde. Here's a beginners guide to running a marathon.

Also super cute, this 86 year old learned how to knit so he could make little hats for premature babies. Heart melted.

Here's a much needed guide on how to stay healthy over the Christmas season...




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