Happy Friday! It's officially December. We've been busy posting half our healthy gift guides over the past few days in anticipation for Christmas. So exciting. Anyway, here are our favourite finds from the web this week, and we've shamelessly included our gift guides at the bottom! Have a great weekend. 

Here are 7 gross health issues and how to fix them.

This is an interesting article on when celibacy can be better than sex. 

We LOVE these boob rugs from Cold Picnic... So cool.

The Pirelli calendar is famous for having scantily clad ladies but they've been changing it up the last few years which we love, this year they're putting beautiful in un-retouched images by Peter Lindberg.

Adam J Kurtz has created this post with advice on how to keep going. 

Magic mushrooms could help to treat existential anxiety in cancer patients. 

This collapsable paper bicycle helmet is the coolest invention we've seen in a while. 

What happens when you have a premature baby, and the importance of donating milk.

New proposals have been put in place for women in the UK to be given cognitive behavioural therapy for PMS... It could prove quite interesting.

This instagram post is too true. 

This illustration about spinning by Gemma Correll is hilarious. 

An oldie but a goodie. The Avocado song has put a smile on our face this week when we were feeling a bit blue so we thought we'd share it here for a happy Friday. 

This article is about what happens when you give up alcohol before Christmas. 

The first three of our 2016 Healthy Gift Guides are up: The Family. For Her. For Him

To end things on a bright note, we love this video on Nowness from Queen Bey too. 

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