Happy Friday! It's been a great week for discoveries, so put on your reading hat and have a look through our best finds from the week. Have a lovely weekend! 

These are the top 5 plants to put in your bedroom to sleep better.

National Geographic explain that a third of people given antibiotics don’t need them.

In the christmassy mood, this is how candy canes are made by hand - not very healthy but it’s amazing to see the process.

This Polish Christmas ad poked us right in the feelings. There may even have been a couple of tears.

Gingerbread houses make us happy - so here are some pretty amazing looking ones.

We were featured on Wallpaper* Magazines website! Super proud moment for us this week.

Here’s why you should learn to ski as an adult and some tips to help you out.

Creative activities like baking and knitting have been proven to boost your mental wellbeing.

These guys dancing together to ‘Say a Little Prayer’ are guaranteed to make you smile.

Apart from our own gift guides of course!!!... this one is super amazing for kids.

A man is swimming across the Atlantic and is sharing the incredible experience on social media.

Science has found that men and women literally see the world differently

Caesarean sections may be altering human evolution...

On the topic of birth, we shared our video for a healthy birth yesterday.

Did you know menopause is actually a woman’s body going through withdrawal?

The UK has started going mad over Christmas ads the last few years, this is a super interesting look at some of the top ads from this year through the eyes of a neuroscientist.

This may be a Happy Friday link roundup but creator of The Oatmeal has shared how we might be missing the mark on happiness and instead by focusing on the importance and depth of things we're doing, we might find more meaning. 

This lovely video talks about the importance of affectionate teasing. So go ahead and poke some fun at a loved one. 





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