It's Friyay!!! Here's a couple of things we found around the web, have a lovely weekend.

‘I have your balls in my hand, I’m not supposed to be laughing...’ Doctor and Youtuber Adanna David show us how to check for Testicular Cancer on Youtuber Riyadh K. It’s safe viewing, don’t worry.

This ad that shows you can still be an asshole while being a hero act by signing up to Organ Donation Register

One of the coolest innovations we’ve seen is the Lucky Iron Fish, it gives people suffering from iron deficiency the daily iron boost they need just through the simple act of cooking

We also found Enchroma, they make absolutely amazing glasses that let colourblind people see the colours they have been missing. Such an incredible piece of technology.

So cool to see how the Ice Bucket Challenge has provided a breakthrough in the world of ALS

The most rock n roll thing anyone can do is parenting… NME columnist Katherine Ryan shares this interesting piece on how being a mum is badass.

Image: Jenny Holzer



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