We have made it through Blue Monday (the apparently grimmest day of the year voted by psychologists because of the bad weather, loneliness and dept levels after Christmas ) we are pleased it's Friday and we found some happy links from around the web.

We love the look and sound of these coughing-shirts. If you are a knitting mom this might be for you, otherwise there is definitely a gap in the market.

Lovely article on how to tell the story of our life.

Unsolicited pregnancy advice, is very annoying.

Love this film.

Do you like to use swearwords (well we do) might not be so bad after all.

Need this book!!!

... and need this one too 'Lobster is the best medicine' you can have closer look at her work here, never fails to cheer us up.

It's not just the uk who has this problem it also urgently needs to be addressed in Germany. 

She has got a point and we have been following her simple yet effective advice. and feel better for it. 

Finally found the real, the original - made out of real straw - drinking straws





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