Happy Friday! Almost done with January, for those of you doing the dry January challenge we hope that it hasn’t been too hard and we’ll raise a glass to you on February 1st.

Know your lemons poster is worth looking at.

A very enlightening and slightly sobering TED talk on Womens health.

Excessive sugar consumption is increasingly reported as being as harmful to our health alongside excessive fat and salt intake. This is a guide to cut out sugar without ‘turning into an actual monster.’

Where stress gets stuck in the body and how to release it. 

A selection of cures for cold and flu for all of you in a chillier parts of the world.

Let’s talk about: Der Beckenboden (Pelvic floor). It’s in German but Google Translate gets the gist across.  

How to stop bum spots. Yes, you read that correctly, How to stop bum spots. Bum Spots.

Ever felt freer when you’re naked? Turns out nakedness makes us happier.

This week is Cervical Cancer Prevention Week in the UK, Rebecca Cope has written an article on why it is important to have regular cervical screenings.

One for the commute: a podcast on Beto Perex and the beginnings of Zumba Fitness.

A sedentary lifestyle as you get older ages blood cells, regular exercise keeps you fitter and younger so it seems.

A new blood repelling material could help medical implants prevent infections.

Green buildings in cities could keep us healthier.

And last but not least, our #HealthHabits2017 challenge. Next week’s challenge is on walking which you’ll see on Monday.


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